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The Benefits of Water Times To Overcome Breast Cancer

You must be familiar with alkaline water with a high Ph level that is used to nourish the body. Will the benefits of alkaline water cure cancer patients? In the water there is called the Ph or acidity level, according to the theory the more acid our body then the disease will grow and the more our body wet the more we are healthy. The various kinds of foods and drinks we consume each day are almost all acidic. For that need to be the balanced base so that Ph in the body remains balanced. Ph balanced in the body is 7.0 one that can be done is to eat more vegetables and fruits so that the body remains the awake level of acidity. In addition with alkaline water consumption is able to make acidic body Ph becomes wetter. To test the levels of Ph in the body you must test when you urinate first after waking up in the morning.

Our many foods that contain acid such as fried foods, grill, soda, etc. are all acidic and it is very bad for our body. To compensate for the level of acidity that occurs then you can drink alkaline water. I give you an example of alkaline water. Alkaline water can neutralize acidity resulting from improper food such as the most severe is soda. 1 Cups of soda you should drink 32 cups of alkaline water to bring the acidity back to normal. Alkaline water helps normalize the digestive organs. Research shows when the intestines of cancer patients are black by drinking alkaline intestinal water can return to normal reddish color. For alkaline water other than high Ph also contains antioxidants in which antioxidants are essential for destroying free radicals present in the body. You can prove by giving betadine some test to water 1 cup after that you stir and water will become yellow. After that, you add alkaline water and you re-stir feeding the water will return clear. This proves that alkaline water contains antioxidants.

The first time the use of it feels better digestion, which is usually difficult to defecate, now becomes more fluent. But my mom’s stomach is sensitive and already accustomed to drinking warm water so consumption of Ph 9.5 cannot be much like normal people. If there is a cancer survivor who can recover from alkaline water.