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Google Adwords as a site trial

One phase of the optimization activity is to test the site design or better known as split testing. You can create multiple variants of the site and you need to determine which design variant gives you the best performance. To conduct this trial you need visitors! And Adwords is the best way to bring in targeted visitors. Webmasters who want to test the site design will usually put a budget with a short term of 2-5 days. With the budget, webmasters will usually test the behavior of visitors in some design variants, how much bounce rate, session duration, and so forth. We also recommend using Google Analytics to track more data about sites and visitor behavior that you can work with. Curious to try how to increase traffic on your website using Google Adwords? We provide the answer as a service that pasang iklan on google.

Usually when your ads run, in the Dimension column, there are many insights you can see there, like how many ads are running, which means determining the ‘active hours’ of your market. If you know this, you can determine when you need to post an article or an appropriate hour to hold a webinar. You can also see the city where the ads are searched. This can provide insights into promotions for specific cities. Let’s go to the Dimension column and see more insights for your non-AdWords campaign or campaign.