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Here’s What You Should Do If Your Carpet Is Flooded

The rainy season that has started to come will cause flooding in some places. Flooding will also cause various losses, especially home furnishings that will be dirty due to exposure to mud and water during floods. One item that is difficult to clean when exposed to flooding is the carpet. You should use a carpet cleaning service to handle this problem. One of the stau websites that can give you information about the post-flood carpet cleaning apathy is do not hesitate to visit the website and find information that can help you.

However, if you want to immediately clean your flooded carpet, some of these ways can be used for a while, but you also have to keep in mind that this way cannot be used to clean the carpet thoroughly.

1. Clean the front and back of the carpet. This is the first step you should do if your carpet is flooded.

2. Drying the carpet. If the weather gets better, you can dry your carpet in the sun to keep the germs in it dead. Make sure all the sides of your carpet are sunning well.

3. Flush hot water. This method is used to remove odor on the carpet that has just been hit by flood water.