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It’s The Loss You Will Get If You Throw The Garbage In The Sea

The sea becomes a precious asset on earth that must now be protected. This is because the sea becomes a favorite place for people to throw garbage. How not, a lot of waste is dumped into the sea and eventually cause losses from various sectors. The real example you can see is the economy of a country that is going down because their marine production is also declining. You can read about this issue at, and ask yourself how much you remember the sea and the various lives that are in it.

However, do you know that you will get big losses if you continue to throw garbage into the sea? Here is the list of losses you can get:

1. Reduced Tourism Destination
Tourist destinations are not too expensive but give a lot of satisfaction is the beach. You can feel free if you visit him. However, what if the beach you visit for a vacation actually contains a lot of garbage? Very annoying, right?

2. Damage to the Food Chain
Can you imagine what if the plastic in the sea is fed by the fish that is there, then you eat the fish? You will be exposed to the chemical effects present in the plastic. Creepy, is not it? For that, try to no longer throw waste into the sea and love the source of life.