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Why People Easily Sweat

Easy to sweat a lot or hiperidrose though not being a sport, apparently the cause is not because your gender is male. Symptoms of excessive sweating are generally characterized by wet clothing even after just exercising for 5 minutes, walking a few steps of sweat is out, or the computer keyboard becomes a little wet due to the palms of the hands of a lot of sweat.

According to new research published in the journal Experimental Physiology, many or at least sweat that comes out have nothing to do with sex. So, what causes excessive sweating? According to common science, sweat comes out when the body tries to cool the temperature. However, the researchers tried to find out what causes the body to release more sweat. Interestingly enough, after involving temperature and activity factors, the researchers found that gender does not determine how much you sweat, but the shape and size of the body effect. In other words, it does not mean that people are sweating more because they are men, but because of larger body shapes and sizes.