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Sad Without Reason = Hypophrenia

Ever felt suddenly feel sad, upset with no apparent cause? Be careful, it could be a symptom of psychological disorders called hypophrenia. Therefore, if you experience the following things, it would be better if you visit the website first to help you handle the problems you face. Here are some features of Hypophrenia!

1. Sad Without Reason

There are times when suddenly feel sad. The mood that was stable just dropped. Some even claimed, before can laugh with friends, but a few minutes later instead crying unfairly. Surprisingly, the feeling has no background whatsoever. Well, this incident could be the main symptoms that indicate, whether we suffer from a disorder of hypophrenia or not.

2. Sensitive
Suddenly so sensitive. The luggage is continuous. Even things that trigger it can be very simple. Slightly disappointed, sad and angry.

3. Feelings of Deep Loss
For people with hypophrenia, sadness does appear just like that. But it can actually be associated with a bitter past or an unforgettable bad experience. One of them is a loss. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, the fading of confidence, the loss of trust, etc.

4. The existence of a traumatic experience
Another experience that invites hypophrenia disorder is something traumatic. As we know, the trauma is a sense that baseball is easily lost. A long time is not a guarantee. We can just divert it – temporarily – but it is not impossible if the effect comes suddenly.