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3 Simple tips for teaching your dog to walk on a leash

This training is the easiest when its compared to other training sessions because only use a leather leash or collar. Furthermore, if you have the type of dog likes to follow your movement, will be very easy to train. Remember when the rope users cannot drag or strike the dog because it can change its nature becomes stiff.

Here are the 3 tips that will help you train your dog walking using leash or collar:

1. Make puppies feel comfortable, and accustomed to using a collar, but in emphasize using a light skin collar. Use a collar when you give food to puppies. Chances are the puppy tries to pull it out, but do not let the collar out of it, but wait until the puppy feels calm and forgets about the collar before you take it off.

2.After the puppy is accustomed to the collar, while using the dog lead rope.sure if the puppy feels comfortable, accustomed, and show that the collar is not a scary thing. Let the puppy know the collar until the puppy forgets about the collar.

3.When the puppy is comfortable and accustomed to the collar in the neck, it’s time to start holding the leash. Make sure that the first practice session is very clear and fun for the dog. In the early stages, you may find puppies like to follow you, use this opportunity to your advantage to teach it.