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Things to Avoid When Speak English

1. Do not Be ashamed to Speak
This is the only way to learn to speak English, open your lips and speak English. The only way to talk better is to talk and talk a lot. You can do it anywhere and anytime, especially if you follow the course at it will be easier for you to master the English language quickly.

Whatever you do, do not say that you do not speak English because it will be a prophecy that you alone embody the truth. Believing that you cannot speak English means closing your mind to try and never give yourself a chance to get better. The only way to fix it is to train it, no matter how bad or good you are at it.

2. Do not Worry Make a Mistake
Another thing you should not do is worry about making mistakes. There is only one way to avoid mistakes that is by not trying at all. If you follow this way, you will avoid making mistakes but you will never get better either.

Grammar or grammar is the last thing you should worry about when speaking English. You do not need the perfect grammar to be able to communicate with someone in English. The original speaker will not judge you because of poor grammar, they are more focused on understanding what you mean and continuing the conversation. As long as you speak clearly and confidently, it does not matter if you are wrong to use words, suffixes, or sentence structure.