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Stay Healthy When Running Umrah and Hajj, Here are Some Tips

Hajj run in Saudi Arabia, certainly make you to always take care of your health. This is because the weather and hot temperatures that exist in Saudi Arabia is certainly different from your country of origin. For that, you need to prepare yourself to the maximum before running this service. Besides that, you also need to choose the right pilgrimage trip so that the implementation of your worship is comfortable. You can visit for your best travel haj option.

For you who are performing the pilgrimage need to know some of these things, for your health in a country that the temperature of the hot air can be maximized:

1. Sufficient Liquid Needs
Hot weather in Saudi Arabia can cause dehydration to heatstroke. For that, you need to meet the needs of your body fluids. You should also avoid drinks containing caffeine like coffee.

2. Notice the Eating Schedule
To maintain the quality of food, pilgrims are advised to consume official food provided by the traveler or travel party.

3. Rest
Do not ignore this one activity. because the pilgrimage is a worship that is draining, it’s good you to always rest whenever you have time.