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Identify the Signs of a Suicide and How to Prevent it

Suicide is the act of taking his own life. Data from WHO Preventing Suicide Global Imperative Report (2014), in 2012 there are 9105 suicides comprising 5206 women and 3900 men. According to the Healthline health website, there is no single reason why a person tries to eliminate his own life. However, certain factors can increase the risk. Someone may be more likely to commit suicide if they have mental health disorders. About 90 percent of people suicidal have mental or psychological disorders. For that it is important for you to be stress management, you can contact us at to get special attention regarding your mental state.

Some scientific literature mentions, genetic factors also play a role in the tendency of someone to hurt or kill himself. However, environmental conditions play a greater role in the expression of the genes. Finally, again our psychosocial condition is also a big part of predicting the emergence of suicidal behavior. The cause of suicide cannot be seen only one factor alone because it is multicomplex. There are biological, psychological and social factors that overlap. Psychological risk factors that are generally considered to increase the possibility of suicide are depression, despair, loneliness, the feeling of burden, and trauma or substance abuse.