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Maternal and fetal treatments and tips

Waiting for the presence of the beloved baby is very thrilling especially for those of you who are pregnant first. Entering the second trimester of pregnancy, you must be prepared for the physical changes that occur. As is known at every gestational age the mother will experience physical, psychological and hormonal changes. This is the treatment done in the second trimester. Important to know that you need maternal and fetal medicine when something goes wrong with you or your fetal.

1. Beware of Body Attitude

Pregnancy treatment in the second trimester begins with the attitude of your body when doing the movement. Growing age of pregnancy so that physical changes more visible.

2. Get Enough Rest

The effect of an increase in the hormone progesterone will make the mother often feel sleepiness. So that pregnant women need more sleep than usual. You can reduce heavy toxicity and communicate with your husband so as to get support in an increasingly enlarged pregnancy.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Food Consumed

A balanced nutritional intake is essential for fetal growth. In the second trimester, the mother and fetus can choose eggs or egg yolks containing choline to help the baby’s brain development and improve brain performance.