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These Are Four Unique Words in English

Did you know that English also has a unique word? Some of these words may not have been heard often. For those of you who have plans for continuing education abroad or moving to another country, then you need to know some of these words. You are also required to take an English test in each country you are going to. And for you who have plans to go to Leeds, England. You can take the tests at Trinity college leeds and choose a schedule that suits you best.
You also need to know some unique words in this English:

1. Earworm. This is used when you hear one song, but the song gets you remembered in your head.
2. Glamping. It stands for glamorous camping that is usually done in a circular tent equipped with luxurious amenities.

3. Handover. This word is used when you plan to go on vacation and leave all your work to someone else.

4. Bae. If you have a lover or loved one, then this word is right for you to use.