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The safer way to secure your super 8 videos

It’s true that the super 8 videos are cool for you to have, due to it’s such an old and anti-mainstream format that you may be able to use today. However, this kind of old format can be pretty risky for you to store, and the risk of your films to be damaged by the hazardous elements or physical force can be pretty high. So that’s why converting your super 8 film to DVD or other modern formats can be very beneficial.

Although the same damage can happen to the modern flash drives and hard drives, you can expect that it will be easier for you to store, transfer, and duplicate your old videos by using the more advanced formats. On the other hand, the more expensive flash and hard drives with the higher quality may also have the better resistance against the elements, so it’d be easier for you to protect your precious videos with the more modern ways and technology.