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This Type of Food That Increases Diabetes Risk

As one disease that is avoided by many people, diabetes should always be prevented. Prevention of diabetes should be done early on before the disease gets worse. In addition, you also have to do appropriate treatment for this disease. You can visit Penyakit Diabetes to get the right solution and treatment for your diabetes.

In addition to these two things, you also need to know what foods can cause diabetes to attack your body. Here are some lists of foods that can cause diabetes.

1. Food With Carbohydrate Too High
High levels of carbohydrate in sugar, flour, rice, if over consumed it can trigger high levels of sugar in the blood. You should as much as possible reduce foods containing high carbohydrate levels. Or you can also balance the consumption of carbohydrates with balanced nutrition.

2. Food or Drinks Containing Much Sugar
Consuming one to two glasses of sugary drinks daily may increase the risk of diabetes by 26 percent. One of the best way to lower blood sugar levels is to reduce the intake of sweet foods and drinks including fruit juices that contain lots of sugar.